Car Sharing Platform

Marketing automation for Google Ads to improve account structure, targeting and testing.

About the client

The client operates Europe’s largest platform for shared car rides. They also offer bus rides between many large cities in Europe.

Background & Challenges

The travel industry is very competitive, therefore efficient online marketing is critical. They have a large, partially de-central marketing team that was busy with many repetitive tasks to optimise ads and fine-tune their targeting. 

Pythomation’s Solution

We built an interface providing many powerful, yet easy to use features to optimise their Google Ads accounts:

  • Automated updates of their price extensions to ensure ads are always aligned with the prices shown on their platform
  • Automated keyword creation on the bases of their existing search traffic
  • Automated ad test evaluation using statistical significance tests


  • The marketing team saves hours of work every day that they can now invest in strategical efforts.
  • More ad tests can be launched every week to ensure a competitive edge
  • Accurate prices and more efficient targeting resulted in a CPC reduction of roughly 9% 

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