Media Planning & Marketing Automation

We integrate your internal data with ad servers, like Google or Facebook and automate your campaign creation and optimisation.

Why Marketing Automation?

Media planners work with a wide set of ad servers and reporting tools. While modern ad servers already provide many features, a vast amount of manual effort is still needed for campaign building, ad testing, segmentation, targeting, and bidding optimisation. We connect your business logic with these platforms to reach their full potential.

First Class Google & Facebook Ads Automation

We have a proven track record of optimising marketing spend from mid (tens of thousands) to high (multi-million) monthly marketing budgets in the domains of SEA, Social, and Display Marketing using platforms like Google Ads, Facebook Business, or Outbrain. Our solutions include customisable campaign builders, statistical ad testing, and probabilistic bidding algorithms that provide you with what it takes to outperform competitors.

360° Data View & Automated Reports

Apart from campaign set ups and optimisation, we support you with our extensive expertise in the reporting and evaluation of campaigns. To derive a 360° view on your marketing activities, we attribute the success metrics and user behaviour on your websites to your marketing spend. Don’t miss out on our in-depth knowledge in tracking, marketing APIs, and report design.

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PYTHOMATION is a software company based in Berlin with a focus on the efficient development of high-quality Python applications using verified tools like Django/Flask and Pandas. We fell in love with Python because of its simplicity and elegance. We are Python & math experts with a long history in the digital world. Specialised in process automation for eCommerce platforms, we build custom-tailored Sales & CRM software, Marketing Automation tools, and scale complex decisions and processes easily with customised algorithms that utilise thousands of data points within seconds.