Data-driven Process Automation

Scale complex processes and decisions with customised algorithms that utilise thousands of data points within mere seconds.

Minimise Repetitive Work & Personnel Costs

Many of your employees spend vast amounts of time on repetitive tasks with simple decision patterns. We design individual solutions that will solve these tasks in a more efficient and consistent manner. By combining all your data sets, and with the help of our customised software solutions, manual processes become largely obsolete, allowing your employees to focus on more strategic and creative tasks.

Custom-designed Algorithms

We design custom algorithms or models that will both analyse thousands of data points within seconds and compute an optimal decision. Common applications are scoring models to help prioritise work (e.g. most important customer or fulfilment), classification models (e.g. rejecting/accepting offers), and forecasting models (e.g. when will a product go out of stock).

Become a data-first Company

Business critical Excel files or Google Sheets will become a matter of the past. All data is stored in a robust and secure way, with key logic centralised, tested, and tracked in version control. Your employees will have to deal with a lot less complexity in their day-to-day work, allowing them to focus on more creative challenges.

Enable the Full Data Potential

We have had loads of experience working with messy or non-standardised data. So, we’ll maximise the value of your data sets by relying on our proven framework of reviewing, cleaning, and connecting your data silos. By making your data available to all your services and end users, we will be able to create a 360° degree view of your business activities.

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PYTHOMATION is a software company based in Berlin with a focus on the efficient development of high-quality Python applications using verified tools like Django/Flask and Pandas. We fell in love with Python because of its simplicity and elegance. We are Python & math experts with a long history in the digital world. Specialised in process automation for eCommerce platforms, we build custom-tailored Sales & CRM software, Marketing Automation tools, and scale complex decisions and processes easily with customised algorithms that utilise thousands of data points within seconds.