CRM Software for eCommerce Platforms

Scale your processes by using our customised Sales & CRM solutions to manage your clients smoothly.

Why Sales & CRM Automation?

Take your B2B communication to the next level, fully streamline the process from client acquisition to invoicing, and say goodbye to manual Excel or Google sheets. A centralised web application enforces a wide set of input validations and urgency notifications, as well as clearer communication and transfers between teams. Keep an overview of all sales activities, generate fully customised quotes, and have every downstream service and team integrated.

Advantages over Standard SaaS Solutions

Integrating a standard SaaS tool with limited adjustability, like SalesForce, into an existing application landscape is often a long and tedious process – especially when you have many different platforms and tools. We create an application designed specifically for you, fitting your requirements perfectly with the plus of being easily modified whenever need be.

Components or End-to-End Solution

Many clients do not want to get rid of their existing SaaS solution right away. Luckily, we are flexible enough to identify key bottlenecks in your current set up and build small components to automate these immediate needs. Thanks to a modern micro-service architecture, these components can be easily integrated into your existing systems. In case you later decide on the full solution, they can be ported to the new application without any additional effort.

Save Money with PYTHOMATION

Unlike subscription-based 3rd party tools with high monthly fees, our applications will be owned entirely by you and can be further enhanced by your internal developers. PYTHOMATION guarantees great customer satisfaction with an application that fits you like a tailor-made suit.

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PYTHOMATION is a software company based in Berlin with a focus on the efficient development of high-quality Python applications using verified tools like Django/Flask and Pandas. We fell in love with Python because of its simplicity and elegance. We are Python & math experts with a long history in the digital world. Specialised in process automation for eCommerce platforms, we build custom-tailored Sales & CRM software, Marketing Automation tools, and scale complex decisions and processes easily with customised algorithms that utilise thousands of data points within seconds.