Professional Python Development

The efficient development of high-quality Python applications using verified tools, like Django/Flask and Pandas.

Why Python?

We fell in love with Python because of its simplicity and elegance; it enables us to move forward quickly and focus on the business problem, rather than the syntax. When kickstarting new projects, requirements change quickly and frequently. With Python, we remain flexible and can scale at any time.


To connect our services to your existing application landscape, we interface via language-agnostic REST APIs using frameworks like Django or Flask. For efficient data processing, we rely on Pandas & NumPy, often combined with task queues like Celery to ensure snappy apps with great user experience.


Our applications are delivered fully containerised using Docker and can be deployed to whichever infrastructure provider you use. We have extensive experience with modern cloud providers, like Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud.


We believe in test-driven development to ensure reliability & fast iterations. Along with automatic checks of code format and style, a high test coverage is enforced via continuous integration solutions like CircleCI or TravisCI. With these inspections in place, reviews can focus fully on the plausibility of a proposed solution, instead of on tiresome code inspection. As with tests, we believe that documentation is an integral component of software development.


Whether you want to start a new greenfield application or need help to rescue, maintain or renew an existing code base, we can support you. Contact us and take advantage of our extensive experience collaborating with various teams and industries!

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PYTHOMATION is a software company based in Berlin with a focus on the efficient development of high-quality Python applications using verified tools like Django/Flask and Pandas. We fell in love with Python because of its simplicity and elegance. We are Python & math experts with a long history in the digital world. Specialised in process automation for eCommerce platforms, we build custom-tailored Sales & CRM software, Marketing Automation tools, and scale complex decisions and processes easily with customised algorithms that utilise thousands of data points within seconds.