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Replacement of SalesForce with a customised Sales & CRM software integrated into a complex eCommerce landscape.

About the client

This client sells consumer goods of various brands on their platform. They are one of the biggest eCommerce players in the fashion industry. Brands can target consumers via onsite and offsite digital advertising.

Background & Challenges

The planning, setup, and monitoring of campaigns involved many repetitive manual steps, like compiling Excel reports, performance analyses, invoices, and the receivable management. Furthermore, setting up a new campaign was highly unstandardised.

Pythomation’s Solution

We replaced SalesForce with a customised Sales & CRM application integrated into their data-driven eCommerce landscape. It resolves the operational headaches of managing a campaign with the following features:

  • Automated data-drive pitch decks used in pre- and after-sales
  • A centralised interface to register and manage leads to ensure visibility of upcoming campaigns for downstream teams
  • A powerful and user-friendly quote editor to easily generate client offers for potential campaigns
  • A standardised handover process of campaign between sales and ad operations teams
  • Automatic campaign creation in internal and external ad servers
  • An interface for creating customisable campaign reports to provide clients with their recent performance metrics
  • Automated invoice generation


  • Migration of all internal users from SalesForce to our solution within a few months
  • Growth in campaign efficiency and throughput by 62% without expanding their staff
  • Considerable increase in customer & employee satisfaction, which ensures sustainable growth and scalability

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PYTHOMATION is a software company based in Berlin with a focus on the efficient development of high-quality Python applications using verified tools like Django/Flask and Pandas. We fell in love with Python because of its simplicity and elegance. We are Python & math experts with a long history in the digital world. Specialised in process automation for eCommerce platforms, we build custom-tailored Sales & CRM software, Marketing Automation tools, and scale complex decisions and processes easily with customised algorithms that utilise thousands of data points within seconds.